Dave Milgram

Dave-insetDavid Milgram is a singer songwriter who plays guitar, harmonica, and piano. His evocative songs span the generations. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he always felt the call of the wilderness. After graduating chiropractic school in St. Paul Minnesota in 1982. He and his wife moved to Flagstaff, Arizona they raised 2 sons.

Dr. Milgram, began practicing in Flagstaff, Sedona, and various “rezzes” through the state since 1983. His eclectic approach utilizes various gentle spinal cranial and other soft tissue adjustments to assist in healing the body and mind.

“Every disease is a musical problem, every cure a musical solution.” ‘Novalis French philosopher’

The late great Hopi grandfather David Monongye told David that a real medicine man writes some of his own songs. Davids’s original style and songs run the gamut from humorous to adventurous to exhilarating. Through many musical genres he sings with love, humor, and spiritual wisdom. A true balladeer of the heart, David has released 3 Albums available for download here, including:

1) Just before the helpers come in 2003

2) Live from the heart in 2008

3) Currency of love in 2014

Like a calling from the wilderness, David Milgram’s voice and messages span the generations with his robust yet tender songs.